Especially when at home there is not much space, we must organize to try to make it as functional as possible environments adapting well to draw the spaces that give a certain aesthetic apartment. Usually the need for a small kitchenette, occurs only for those environments where you would like to create a bit ‘of everything even if the environment is limited. To do this we need to have some creativity and to try to divide the rooms in the most practical and comfortable as possible. First, just to give a touch of personality to the environment and not to make it look like a jumble of furniture, you have to separate our kitchen from what will later become a living room or a sitting room.

The division of the environment, should be done with taste and with some original ideas. To form a wall, you do not need the wall, just as well as plaster board to the desired size. The panel then, can be colored according to taste as if it were a wall. But the solutions are more than one. Before you create the kitchen, you could raise a brick wall that does not reach the ceiling but that hints at the mini-kitchen. Another solution even more attractive, is the realization of a wall in masonry half and half in colored glass. Once divided the two rooms in a harmonious way, you can begin to create the corner that will be our kitchen.


Yourself to have a plumber all necessary connections and then buy the kitchen cabinets without spaziarti too but given priority to important things. Remember that even if a small kitchen must contain the necessary things and those that actually serve to optimize the place where you spend most of the day. First, the kitchen can also be achieved in creating a valid masonry structure in majolica tiles and then the furniture and the hob, will be placed flush. If possible, leave the room for a dishwasher and a refrigerator. Wanting could get into a small washing machine but of course it all depends on the length of the wall.

Try to buy furniture with many drawers and numerous niches storage so that you will have enough space to put your things. If there is no room for a table, there is no problem because, if you have decided to create half brick wall, you will have a row of stools that serve as chairs during lunch. In the kitchen furniture stores, however, you can find those hidden tables that appear as if by magic from a mobile. In addition to being a place where you can enjoy your lunch, this pullout table, it also becomes a handy shelf when cooking. If you prefer that the kitchenette is not showing through, there are beautiful sliding doors good fir or beech or plasterboard that close to death and prevents the vision of the small kitchen. Who will come into your house, will only see the living room or the living room because you can paint the panel, with the same color you painted the living room.