The living area is the heart of every home, that space where you spend most of the day. A space shared with the guests, friends and acquaintances here because designing this environment in a functional, comfortable and cozy, is what each of us surely want. So let’s see, with this guide, how to design a living room.

In the living area are usually included areas such as the entrance, the living room, the dining room, the living room / sitting area, etc. Provide them to design this area of your home reserving as much space as possible, bearing in mind the layout of the other rooms.

how to design a living room

If you prefer to orient the living area with a living, calculated that the absence of walls will make it seem more spacious environment; But try to give pillars and columns look more harmonious, enriching them with some framework or being open in front of a large plant. The important thing is that you try to make them less obvious to them by combining the elements of furniture. The light should not miss, if that window is not enough, given the environment of adequate lighting.

If you want to divide the rooms instead of the living area, try to give ample space to the kitchen and the living, rather than reducing the study or the living room ; Also, you can design a subdivision mixed, with a small living room size kitchen and dining area. In any case, if you decide to opt for a living, you can expect to differentiate environments noting with different types of flooring .

As for the dining room, if possible, choose a table or large type extensible, and enter into the living room some relaxation areas (library, corner with armchairs and TV etc). A good idea is to place, in a point rather collected, a sofa bed to be used to accommodate any guests.

If you want instead to completely separate each environment of the living area, always remember to design the kitchen so that this is not to be in front of the entrance, intended instead this space instead to a lounge or a relaxation area. The choice, furnishing to be taken, both to your needs is the width of your living area, will be the factor that will complete your project, characterizing the environment and making it unique and original.