With this guide we will learn together how to design and furnish the day prefabricated environments. The prefabricated house, compared to the normal house in fact, makes it possible to program at all spaces and furnishings taking full account of your needs.

You need:

1. Map
2. Mental organization

Often the living room of a house has blurred boundaries, rooms are almost blended together, unless you do not take the privacy. A prefabricated give you the option to choose in advance whether or not to divide the various environments. Your living room will undoubtedly be more experienced by you and any guests.

In the living area you will need to include: entrance hall, dining room, living room, kitchen, relaxation area, work-study, conversation area, reading corners, any hobby-fitness area. Designed by granting this area as much space as possible, taking into account the solutions of the future.

If you lean for a living keep in mind that the absence of walls give the idea of an enlarged area. Make sure that the pillars and columns serve as decorative elements. In these cases, the light will be particularly abundant, then put lots of windows and problem will need to install a suitable lighting system.


If you would like a division between the spaces reserved for more space in the kitchen and living room at the expense of study and relaxation room or hobby room (unless you have hobbies bulky). A mixed subdivision instead uses a mini living kitchen, dining area and entertainment.

These rooms have plenty of space and divisions partial.In case of living can still point out the difference between the various parts of availing of gimmicks such as changing the flooring. If your prefab is made primarily of wood you choose a modern or country kitchen with islands or peninsulas.

For the dining room or at least get yourself large tables extendable tables significantly. For the living room combine multiple relaxation areas (libraries, home theater, games area, etc.). Choose sofa beds for extra guests non preventative. In the case of multi-storey prefabricated placed the living area on the ground floor.