Have you ever noticed that the trees and flowers, always attract our attention? Who knows how many times, walking, you’ll be stopped to admire balconies rich of plants and flowers. Even communal green spaces, if well cared for, deserve attention and praise. This happens because the eye is kidnapped by the colors and those who gave us the nature, are by far the most beautiful. If you have access to a terrace, spacious enough and want to play a green area, you should design a roof garden . Let’s see how to proceed with the construction.

roof garden

Nowadays, the roof garden has become the rage and, in economic terms, to everyone. Recent studies have Dutch, even, demonstrated that this type of “green decoration”, also has a feature of great importance: unable to withhold the heat and cold for those who live in the underlying part. In case of torrential rain, also acts as a real sponge, thus avoiding dangerous flooding. For the construction, will serve the beams of iron about 10 inches in height, to be positioned along the entire perimeter of the terrace . Once you have decided where to place them, you’ll have to fix them with .

If you have set for the well-beams, pass to cover the floor. You have to solder a wire mesh (for floors), close-knit, and anchor it to the surrounding walls of the terrace. In this way, you will get a base raised with respect to the existing floor. Now, with soil and cement, you are going to realize the garden paving. Distributed these materials to the entire surface. Make sure you do not leave blank spaces. Wait for it to dry everything. Once dried, you just need to cover it with special hollow tiles stoneware or waste and scrap of old tiles and tiles .

To complete the construction of your roof garden, you have to create a perimeter fence to the new plan of cement. You have to reach a height of at least thirty or forty centimeters. So, this kind of tank that has been created, able to contain a good amount of fertile soil to plant flowers and fruits, also having deep roots. After the coverage of your roof garden, including the soil for cultivation, you can start planting. You can pick whatever you want in the plant: flowers, plants and, if you like, even small trees fruit. The idea of the modern roof garden is really brilliant. You get the benefits of living in the city and, when you want a bit ‘of peace and serenity, in your garden, (with a little’ imagination!), You feel like being in the countryside.