When you want to organize a little space in your closet in order to place the things that are deposited in the highest order, normally the first thing is to design a shelf where have all the goods present in the closet in a precise way to be able to find whenever you need it. Here you will be shown all the necessary steps to organize all the space you have in the closet for the provision of the shelf (there you can also enter more than one if you find that you have enough space).

First, it is essential to take good all the precise measurements of the surface of your closet in order to determine where you place your shelf, then with a meter, as long as possible, ideally a measuring tape because of its length since it allows to take measures at once and get them perfect and precise measurement without having two pieces and then make the bill more often than risking that the bill does not come back, measure the width and length of your closet and calculated the surface, though you must measure the height to figure out what will be your top shelf.


Once you find the size you decide on which wall (such as walls or) place the shelf (or shelves) by taking measurements with the tape measure to realize the width and maximum depth that the shelf should have to enter the space you have planned and make a map of your room to reflect your measurements and drawing (it would be better with a pencil) the shelves. However, commercially available are dedicated closet shelving kits, maybe you can take measurements from various vendors in the project and then draw the shelf with the measures you have taken from the various models that have found to figure out which is more suitable to the size of your room.