A room TV at home can be ideal for relaxing and also to enable children , to spend free time playing video games or watching your favorite programs . The advantage is also to watch a movie with special effects similar to those of the film . Let us see in detail what are the steps necessary for designing a TV room in the house. To design a room TV on the cheap and getting the best results, are indispensable a DVD player, a big-screen TV or a projector . Of crucial importance, however, have a large room available and a free wall from furniture and paintings.

In order to create a TV that respects, are other important elements necessary a system of light adjustable, a coffee table and a pair of speakers amplified enough. The lights are used because they can be lowered depending on whether it is a romantic evening or for a unique experience of film -dimensional. It is also important to make sure that every living room has a table nearby to support drinks and snacks . As for the speakers instead, to live in an atmosphere similar to that of the cinema, they certainly can not miss those with so-called surround sound to accompany the classic ones are included in the devices of last generation. To get the most from a visual standpoint, chairs, armchairs and sofas should be comfortable and arranged in a semicircle in order to get a fish eye effect and thus a good view from anywhere in the room. In the presence of children also pillows and ottomans are ideal for them to sit on the floor and in the front row.

design- room

An implant is a TV room, it should also be set up in a perfectly SOUNDPROOFED, to avoid being disturbed by the noise of the road and especially unpleasant reminders of the neighboring house to the volume too high . The room in which the plant is located TV, you should correlate blackout curtains so you can safely attend the viewing of a film even in hours of full sun. Once you set it up, if there is a chance and space, you should create a closet to preserve the precious giant monitor and all the equipment and whenever you want to put it into operation, simply open the doors and watch the event.