One of the items of furniture that they can find the most important place in a home, they are definitely the cabinets. The larger and more are able to hold our stuff in the best possible way . When designing the decor of an apartment is always a good idea to get some space for these useful accessories, so in this guide we’ll just see how to design a closet with four doors.

When we get married, and you decorate the house, most of the time you do the huge mistake of saying “so two of us” so do not take seriously the fact that tomorrow can get one or more children and that the need space at our disposal increases according to family members. To remedy this drawback, we can think about using some space left empty and therefore useless. Let’s see how we can proceed, you need to start is: 1 meter, it is the most appropriate one in wood mason, during the measurement remains rigid and the figures that come out are much more reliable than those found with the meter Cordell , graph paper, pencil, ruler and also a scale according to the height. But before we get into the actual design we need to fix some small details. The first is to deduction with which type of material will proceed to the construction of our wardrobe . What may seem to be nothing, but instead will be of vital importance, as, any type of wood, according to its structure, it will need different structures. The cabinet structure is composed of: two sides (left and right), two bases (lower and upper), one partition for divide spaces. That said we continue with the project.


The time has come to identify the point at which we want to setup our new wardrobe, maybe if space permits in our house, we can think of obtaining one at the wall. We then go to check, meter in hand, the actual space available to us. We start by designing the inner frame, to do this we need quadrilateral large enough to allow to hold the complete structure. We will go so to measure both the height and the width. We continue with the position the partition, also for this item we would need a quadrille quite sturdy . Beside each item write drew the necessary measures, ie height, width and depth. We count how many items is composed Write them the structure and on the side of the sheet.

We continue now with 2 beds, so we’re going to draw two rectangles on the sheet and the related measures identified is the time of the sidewalls , even in this case, simply draw two rectangles and measures last missing element is the partition, then another rectangle and related measures Keep in mind that the measurement of these items shall be flush with the quadrilateral without spaces On paper we have now arrived in the middle of the work, lack of design doors , the top of the guide, we hypothesized that are 4, therefore, we should continue in this way take the measure, starting in the middle of the first square bed to get up to half of square bed opposite, that the partition Now the measurement obtained will be divided into two, to the related branches exact same procedure must be performed for the other two branches.

Our closet, has taken shape, now we should not do is locate and count the screws that held together, the hinges for the doors, the mesh opening, and depending on the wood that we have chosen, the treatment to be carried out. Regarding the screws, we should not help but draw the holes directly on the drawing, to be sure of a good seal can put three on top and three at the bottom on the walls, always on them you can arrange other so that the sides are unite well to the structure. For the lower base and the upper one could apply the same speech with the addition of screws on interlude. The doors must instead be fixed to the frame by means of hinges beautiful robust that they are able to withstand both the weight in time that the different openings.