A few items of furniture lend charm to the house as an aquarium healthy. Beautiful, relaxing, nurturing but requires a minimum of skill and attention to achieve the same effect seen in the aquarium magazines. Here’s what to know before you start with the fascinating hobby of aquatics:

You need:

* A tank aquarium illuminated
* A scooter for aquarium
* Filters for aquarium (such as steel wool or sponges)
* Razor clams for the aquarium
* A thermostat
* Aerator for an aquarium, pipe, suction cups and terminals
* Gravel
* Fertilizer for plants

Choose the location: do not be caught by the enthusiasm of the moment, remember that the ‘ aquarium is not just a piece of furniture but has unique requirements. Please note that the fish need quiet and dark at night, so it avoids heavily populated places like the kitchen or the movie theater. Avoid exposing the tank to direct sunlight and temperatures unsuitable. study could be an ideal place.

Choose how to populate it : it’s good to be clear before we start, perhaps documenting the first Tend to be entered (including the number of copies and the desired species), plants to buy and on furniture that will be used, because this will affect the type of preparation necessary for implementation. For example, a large number of fish (if the size of the tank allows it) will require more aerators and some plants require fertilized specifically to fit under the gravel. For the design get help from a competent dealer.


Prepare the substrate : Place the terminals of the plowman at the points where you want to let the air out and attach to the glass with the suction pads (in sufficient numbers to prevent begin to float when filled with air). Arrange a layer sufficient fertilizer for plants combined with the clean gravel (remember first thoroughly clean the gravel just bought with plenty of running water.) Continue with a layer of gravel to a height of 7-10 cm on the bottom of the bath. One can realize the last part of the substrate with the colored gravel.

Planting the seedlings : you have a plate upside down on the bottom of the aquarium before pouring water over it to avoid mixing the layers so far realized and enter the water up to a level of 20 to 30 cm above the gravel, then fixed gently plants as deep as possible in the gravel. Even at this stage is good to have a clear idea of how it will look completed the aquarium and how to become the plants once grown. If the water is very dirty at this stage is normal Do not worry, sedimentation back clear.

Entering fish : leaves turn the motor pool is empty for a few days, better with some product to adjust the bacterial flora, and periodically check the water parameters. If the temperature remains constant and believe that the water is ready add two fish (the most durable and economic): Enter the sealed bag with the fish in your tank until the temperature of the bag is the same as that of your tank, after you open the bag and you let the water gradually of your aquarium waiting for your bait fish spontaneously. If you live serenely for a few days go by including other fish and enjoy the experience.