The living room is one of the important areas of our home, and because we spend the most hours of the day, and because it is the place where you are with the guests. It’s like the business card of our house and this is often our character. Here are some tips on how to decorate a living room.

The furnishings of the living depends on its size, but not only. Approach the organization of a new residence must make a distinction. The living room can be an empty space to be divided and customize as you like, or a space already occupied and defined that provides a simple restructuring of the furniture.

Another aspect to consider is that of cooking space. You have to decide whether to incorporate the kitchen into the living room or if you divide the two areas separately. There is usually a tendency to greatly reduce the cooking, because maybe you can get a closet useful for all.

There are those who decide to incorporate space by restructuring the environment in one room because the pace of work does not allow you to be very at home and so it’s a functional environment where you cook, eat and talk at the same time. You can, for example, decide to place the kitchen and the dining area on one side and the living area with sofa and television on the other side. It all depends on the size of room.


In the case of a living-free cooking is good to have one hand occupied by the sofa and television, and a part with a large table to share dinner and relax with guests and family. It will be up to the landlord choose to taste the decor. There are those who fills the living beliefs and mirrors, some libraries and lamps.

Do not underestimate the factor of light. Points of light, in fact, must be well designed and distributed. This also applies to the color of the walls. Do not choose colors that are too cold but not too bright; better use of pastel colors or create color contrasts with colors a bit ‘stronger accompanied by lighter shades.