As they say the professors of architecture a good architect is recognized by adopting solutions to design the stairs. The scales are in fact one of the most complex to design within a building. The stairs in public buildings or private, but with a large influx of users there are precise rules on the design and subsequent implementation. For private buildings instead there are special rules and the only thing that must match are the tastes and needs of the owner. Can be freely chosen shapes, sizes, materials and colors, will only serve a house plant, a pencil and a blank sheet of paper.

1. The plan of the house we have to find the location of the future approximate scale and its dimensions . A good rule is, however, keep in mind the size of the standards for public buildings: the width of the ladder must be at least 1.20 m, the depth of the step 0.30 m and height 0.18 m .

2. Calculate the height and width of the staircase and of the steps. We must be careful where they begin and where they end the first and the last step and we have well in mind the plants and decor of both plans that will connect.

3. We must take account of the needs of family members and write them on the white paper. The movements of all must be easy and safe. If there is any requirement particularly important we keep it in mind and put it top of the list.


4. The latest choices are rather formal and relate the shape, materials, colors of the scale , but are those that represent the style, the way of life the home and the personality of its inhabitants.

5. In business, there are solutions almost DIY that can help now and also design work. Informed of the possible solutions before you begin the design and a good idea.

6. After establishing all the details of the new scale can also ask to whom can we turn for his execution times and ways that meet our needs. Even the prices can vary quite a bit about this last choice, then that is definitely not to be underestimated.

7. If at some point we realize that the choices do not match the needs of all users , we can always go back (during the design phase) and maybe ask them how they would like.