The main objective of an irrigation system is to provide timely and sufficient water to the plants. This objective should be considered when designing an irrigation system. Designing an irrigation system in the garden can be complex, as is to allow the correct delivery pressure, water filters, pressure vessels and can be very expensive, especially for large gardens.

To design the system of irrigation in the garden, you need to make a map of the property. Draw the map to scale, on graph paper as accurately as possible. It should be noted all measurements, trees, sidewalks, home, tool sheds, gazebos, and other obstacles. Make a note of where you plan to connect to the main water source.


The basic components of an irrigation system are the following: water source, meter, back flow prevention, valves, pressure regulator, filter system, sprinklers, drippers and pipes. For areas, gardens are recommended to systems of irrigation: sprinkler or micro-spray dripping air attacks. Micro-sprinklers spray, throw a beam of water two feet and need a distance of two meters can be installed in each zone. Drip line, there are many configurations of the pipe to drop. This drip line should be separated by forty centimeters. It creates a rectangular grid pattern with a drippier at each corner. This system needs to be divided into zones. The irrigation areas should be selected on the basis of water requirements for irrigation of the plant and sized according to the supply of water available.

Some suggestions for the design of. Irrigation system in the garden is: draw circle spray and positions of the head sprinkler on the map so that the entire garden is watered down. To ensure good coverage must overlap the diameters of the spray patterns. Break sprinklers in groups of several circuits, each controlled by a control valve. Otherwise, there will be a pressure sufficient to operate all the sprinklers at once. Make a list of all pipes, fittings, valves, risers, sprinkler system, and all the equipment needed to assemble the irrigation system.