Sometimes it is not enough to wash the laundry to get the heads thoroughly clean and safe, but one needs to disinfect it, especially when it comes to the laundry of babies. Here is all useful and possible to disinfect laundry the most of our leaders and especially those of our children.

Nowadays, especially for those who have children and pets, appears to be essential to follow all the possible indications on the laundry and pay attention to our health, fighting bacteria and microbes that threaten clothing. There are already many products on the market, the latest generation of dealing with this. But how to clean our clothes better even without the use of these great products? Just follow the simple directions, not only with the contribution of detergents, readily available, but also with natural methods.


For the use of detergents, we begin preparing the laundry as we normally do, then add the detergent in the washing machine pan, the liquid Lysol following the instructions on the package. This product has a bacterial action which makes it perfect for any task disinfection. If we choose instead to disinfect the laundry by hand, we cover the bedding with hot water and add the bleach (one tablespoon every three liters).

So let’s leave them in the bathroom for at least six hours, then proceed as well to regular washing. Let’s be careful not to use boiling water if the laundry has stains of an organic nature, in this case it will be necessary to remove stains before cleaning if you want to avoid that you lay down further. If you have to bleach clothes instead of a baby, we proceed as mentioned previously. After being cleaned, we note normally in the washing machine before you dry them in order to remove all traces of bleach, as it is very corrosive and harmful to the baby’s delicate skin.

One of the natural methods most widely known and used is the classic baking soda, famous germicidal who owns numerous properties, antiseptic and disinfectant is very versatile and used for a thousand contingencies. Therefore Simply pour one or two tablespoons water where it will be put to soak the laundry or we can insert it directly into the washing machine drum.