If you have old home appliances such as TV, washing machine, dishwasher, computers, refrigerators, etc., when it becomes unusable and you decide to replace them with more suitable to perform the same functions , you can not undo throwing them into the common dumpster . Let’s see how you can dispose of such equipment without incurring additional costs.

As a general rule, you should dispose of them in a specific collection center present in the territory of the municipal or provincial level. But few people are aware of, and is er this you often see illegal dumping in many campaigns abandoned. There is also another way completely free dispose of old machines obsolete and no longer used in the home. In practice, when you intend to buy a new product to replace the one that you want to undo, you can ask the supplier of the store where you buy it, to withdraw the old appliance . To provide this new mode is the Legislative Decree no. n. 151 of 25.07.2005 which introduced a new rule in Article. 6, paragraph 1, letter b, according to which “distributors must ensure, at the time in which you acquired a new electrical and electronic equipment , free pickup of the equipment used, even if it had been purchased from another retailer many years earlier.


The only requirement is that the unit you wish to return is of equivalent type and has fulfilled the same functions of what you intend to buy. So, for example, if you buy a TV you can not return a refrigerator. At the time of purchase and before paying, it is worth pointing to the dealer you want to return the old unit: therefore he must be available free of charge to the withdrawal and the buyer need not pay any additional cost.

In fact, every time we buy a good new electrical or electronic, the price paid is inclusive of the contribution WEEE ( Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment ), which is a fee that includes the cost of collection, recovery and disposal of your old equipment. Therefore, the retailer is legally obligated to take back your old products, and if he refuses, is liable to an administrative penalty of between € 150 and € 400 for every appliance is not withdrawn or withdrawn by applying a higher price.