In recent years he has taken crease the use of a very versatile material for covering the floors, we’re talking about the resin. Among the most significant are the most practical (lack of leaks), reduced thickness, overlap (cover existing tiles) and non-toxicity. Then after evaluating the use to which it is addressed, there are other variables to be taken into account to determine the type of resin that is best suited to our case. The seal of the resin depends on the cleaning products that we can apply to the supplying company, which usually presents a wide range of detergents suitable for sanitizing and optimum grip on the floor. In this guide, we will see all the possible ways to do proper maintenance of our resin flooring.


For the proper preservation of the surfaces of our house, we just have to have some attention paid little challenging, in order to preserve the color and luster. For one thing, we keep a good relationship with the supplier company and the one that was responsible for the laying. The service includes a thorough cleaning following the manufacturer’s guidelines and both small repairs that we are often not able to deal with alone.

Regarding the cleaning, we mentioned the supplier, the most serious and sensitive to environmental issues, are able to provide formulations for cleaning non-toxic and biodegradable. It is basically composed of emulsifiers to remove dirt, grease and stains (rust, scale,). Generally apply in dilution from 5 to 10%, with the help of a cloth. To more easily remove the most stubborn deposits, use a spray bottle to apply the product directly on the spots and let it act for a few minutes at the end scaremonger everything.

However, you do not need a deep cleansing daily, but only occasionally or when dirt is more stubborn. For a quick wash, we also use only water and a microfiber cloth, useful for removing dust and small particles. As a final treatment, we can use the protective wax that will give luster to our floor. The mistake that instead we must avoid is to use formulas containing too aggressive or abrasive additives.