The ants are great workers, every day you scramble to collect the food, whatever it is, to be able to get through the winter without too much difficulty. We can see the move in a continuous way go on the walls, on the road and on earth and, alas, even inside our homes. Usually with the arrival of summer ants tend to come out of their holes and to infest our homes with their constant presence, filling gardens, terraces and balconies, reaching creeping even within the walls of the home. This guide will give you advice on how to eliminate ants with methods of natural and not harmful to the environment.

First of all, the first thing I strongly urge you to do is to leave absolutely no cutlery and dirty dishes around the house. So after lunch or dinner you will absolutely proceed to clean the dishes and kitchenware, also you should also do not leave the food shed for home, especially sugar, since the ants are highly attracted and they go greedy.


But if the problem is severe enough, in this case you should create a solution of water and lemon juice. At this point you’ve probably been wondering how you create it. In this regard, here is how you will proceed to build the solution. The process is simple, the first thing you need to do is to squeeze several lemons to fill a bucket of water. Fill it with the latter and mixing the two liquids, thus forming a sort of natural detergent, which will also be a repellent unwanted guests.

Then proceed to wash the floor with the mixture that you have obtained in this way the ants smelling of lemon will tend to look for another accommodation. Alternatively, you can boil the nettle in water, and then you will need to add the red pepper. Of course, after doing this, and you’ll be satisfied that the ant problem is solved, you will need to wash the floor. In this way, surely you have solved the problem. Unfortunately, the ants are a constant problem in domestic life, get rid of it, moreover, is a need that is felt every day more and more, but unfortunately, because of their playback speed, most of the times is complex and even demeaning. When we think we have solved the problem, here is sprouting new ants from another part. But fortunately for every problem also corresponds to a solution. I can only wish you good work.