It is not always easy to find the right person and the right address, so here are some suggestions for your convenience. First, know that you can visit a very interesting site to discover the best places in terms of decoration in the province of Quebec.


you can visit on the Internet. This site allows you to call in the middle of professionals known that meet the professional qualifications of the job. You’ll find everything you are searching for designers, architects, kitchen designers, artisans and all kinds of specialty shops.

Deco Guide

Also, the Quebec Deco Getaway Guide will be launched next April and you can get one in a hundred specialty shops. It allows you to enjoy the decor and gourmet places in eight regions of Quebec: It’s not easy to find places, but with this guide, you can finally have your own favorites! It contains a book of 250 addresses of the best places decoration and delicacies of Quebec. This guide is directly related to the site mentioned above. To know the point of sale, you can visit the site . The updates will be made ​​regularly on new addresses and new trends.


The rooms of homes

Another alternative is to visit home shows and you will find good restaurants and interesting innovations, product innovation and people who care about your needs.

Your contacts

To help you in your choices, nothing better than word-of-mouth: your contacts will give you their comments. Always have references or to view a product to make an informed choice about a professional. The result always speaks more than a photo.


Also note that to accomplish changes in your home it is always best to make three estimates and / or submissions to more easily compare the skills of each. Thus, you can easily make your choice according to your requirements. It is also always best to have a good relationship with the person selected. Harmonious relations are always hoped in the course of a renovation project.

TV shows

The increase in emissions of decoration on many networks allows you to know good professionals and see their styles. You can easily contact them via the Internet. They are often easier to approach you imagine, and more affordable too.


Finally, remember to choose your career according to your intuition: it is often your best guide. It is also important to establish your requirements on paper and share them with your specialists to respond accurately. I hope this is helpful in your research and I wish you great projects.