If you find that the windows of your house or cars have been accidentally scratched, do not despair, it may still be a remedy to be implemented with a little’ good will and the right tools. When it comes to scratches and surface streaks the DIY can come in handy with little expense and results. Let’s see what to do.

On light scratches that are only visible, but not audible, hovering over your fingers, because shallow, it can act in several ways. After cleaning for the glass well in order to highlight the scratch, the first solution is to polish with the determination of the damaged surface with dry paper of newspaper. Thanks to the fine abrasive particles contained in the ink printing and a sharp elbow grease, the scratch can be canceled by the small movements . Another remedy is to pass the scratch with a soft deerskin on which were dropped a few drops of liquid for cleaning brass. You must be careful to rub only on the interested party, if you want to get good results .


Of tables, car windows, aquariums, mirrors and windows can also be used the oxide Cerium, a powder sold in specialized glass or glass center, cheap. Serve a small wooden stick of cylindrical shape, a felt pad for chairs to be applied on the round section of the wood, the water and a container to dilute the oxide. The latter must be mixed with water to form a dense solution, which is more effective since less is diluted. If the surface of the damaged glass and pre-cleaned is horizontal, the solution is applied directly on the scratch, otherwise the Felt re.

Cerium oxide will be rubbed repeatedly along the scratch using the stick and the felt, with perseverance and a steady hand, each time repeating drying and over again, making sure to give the same pressure on each point of the lining, if you want to avoid irregularities, very unsightly. should not devote themselves in any home repair, if the scratch the glass is deep and tactile . Better to have it replaced, turning to a specialized center or, if the damage is low and you are ready to go to the expense, wait some time.