When we think of Christmas often we just see a beautiful tree to be well-decorated, illuminated by rows of blinking lights and garland to be applied to the front door, all making it more welcoming interior and is in line with Christmas style: warm, welcoming, family, but an important part is to decorate the outside of our house, remember that the first visual impact with the property is on the outside and beautiful decorations richly enhancing our home. Some people even think that both the exterior to communicate moods, the family tranquility that reigns within. Let us leave aside for a moment and think about the psychology only to do a good job, which is both aesthetically pleasing and festive at the same time and then let us see how to fix Christmas lights outside the house.

If the dwelling was too decorate an apartment we can enhance the terraces present by arranging the rows of lights white along the outer perimeter at the center instead of deep red with colored lights brighter, we put a small tree or a Santa Claus with his sack of the gifts that is going to come into the house, the plants should be flashing lights and create plays of light variables, not the usual rows of lights fixed, static.

christmas- lights

Better if the property had also the garden and I wish it were a single house. Meanwhile, we must all follow the outline of the house with rows of white lights from outside, serve many tens of meters lighted tube, from a distance you should clearly see the outline of the building as it was a design from the illuminated lines. If there were trees in the garden, you have to decorate them with a few rows of lights, each tree a different color or use rows of lights that automatically change color intermittently. The trees do not need too many lights, it takes 3 or 4 turns of pipe, otherwise it slips into flashy and we get the opposite effect than what you actually want. From the entrance of the garden to the front door we see a small street of lights positioned on the ground, or to about a meter in height, type handrail, with vases of flowers to support the light tube or with small stakes planted in the ground. If the tube were drawing arcs between a support and the other, the better.

If the garden was really very large in the center or near the lit walkway we can insert a sleigh with reindeer all lit up, only made ​​of malleable wire means; reindeer sleigh in red and white, the color of Christmas. The ultimate would be live in an area where it snows in December, in this case 3 or 4 illuminated snowmen should not miss. All lights must be strict energy-saving and energy and we must look for the most to avoid possible double, triple sockets unsafe; better to use a power strip with active safety within them.