Perhaps not everyone knows that an old floor, or worn tiles that move, can be repaired and made ​​as good as new, especially when it comes to the finest in baked or even better in marble. Repairs can be made ​​easily at home with the use of certain building materials and equipment specifications. Let us see about that how to repair the floor.

If the floor that we intend to fix is cooked, and has some cracks or worn material in the joints, we can intervene in both cases. If you wear the flat part so far is enough to buy the epoxy paste that goes white mixed with red dust typical of the bricks, and gradually you reach the color similar to that of the parts to be repaired.


The application must be made ​​immediately with a spatula and smooth with a damp cloth, then just wait for the drying process that typically takes about 15 minutes. After this time, with medium grit emery cloth it provides for a further sanding, then you pass a cap, plush combined with an electric drill which shall shine again paving brick. However, there is to be noted that if the floor in question is not polished, then after the restoration, you can bring it in line with the specific wax for terracotta floors. If you are the joints have to be repaired, in this case, just buy the dough specification (also part epoxy), which shall be applied immediately and finished with a damp cloth before drying occurs. The latter is available in different colors, although typically the most appropriate is black.

If the floor is to be repaired instead of individual tiles or marble also uniform, the repair of cracks, cracking or chipping too deep, is made ​​using the dough sold in a normal paint factory that suitably mixed with a catalyst jar included in the package allows to repair the damage. Once dried, you get a compact surface is a product made ​​from marble powder. The application must be made ​​with a trowel, and sanding, you can use a common polisher with brushes rotating abrasive felt to flatten and polish. In this way, the saving is remarkable taking into account that if we call a technician with industrial grade equipment, a simple polishing of a room of 20 square meters is around 250 euro.