Big or small, the garage is a fundamental part of the home , a place intended to accommodate cars, bikes , motorcycles, but also everything that does not find place in the home , such as junk, memories, but also useful things, but in most cases you will not find when you need them. In many cases the garage of the house is also the place where you can practice your hobbies, such as DIY , modeling and DIY.

There are some who consider the garage as a kind of “container” to store everything, in that case tidying the garage mostly means getting rid of unnecessary things. The arrangement of the garage will require, in all cases, a time proportional to the chaos accumulated during the time in which it is neglected. Can well seem a titanic its accommodation, but it is not, indeed it can even be fun. In the following guide we will show you some practical advice for organizing and arranging in the most effective, comfortable and secure your garage door.


To maximize space becomes a must insert shelves, cabinets, shelves and hooks along the walls available. To take advantage of the height of the room can be a good solution to build a loft. Enter all it does is that it takes advantage of all available space and allows you to recover spaces that would otherwise remain unused. We have to take into account the frequency of stored items, in front of those most frequently used, behind those little used.Divide the objects according to their “function” and dedicate a space in the garage for each function. Use containers and boxes marked with labels that describe the content.

For those who do their garage to give life to the place where their creations do it yourself , it is essential to put in order the tools work , because if the tools are in order and in the right place , realize their work will be easier Arrange a tour fixed work if you have at least a few meters available, or wheels if you need to move to make way for example to your car, or place of folding if there is very little. Place a tool holder just above the workbench, providing the lower the gear that you use the most and those high in particular that are used less frequently to make sure that the bike as occupy less space, you can use the hooks and place along one wall available. Optimize space in the garage makes its accommodation easier .