Make repairs or do other types of craft very interesting in our house is relatively easy. But very few people who actually know-how, especially when it comes to fixing rails placo in a bedroom. However, if you follow each step rigorously recommendations below, you will manage to get there easily. It’s a good idea to be willing and wanting to learn how to fix the rails of plasterboard in a bedroom. Now, no need to call on specialists, and even better, you can teach others what you have learned. Learn the techniques of plasterboard fixing rails requires a prior special arrangement and some specific tools and materials.

The conditions previously required to fix plasterboard rails

To perform this work effectively fixing rails plasterboard requires a substrate preparation. Thus, one must necessarily remove dust from the wall, floor and ceiling and then ensure that the place where the plates will be attached is clean. Then using a chalk line must be drawn on the ground, the installation of the partition, and then project what route to walls and ceilings by using a ruler and a plumb line. In addition, you must have at its disposal the following materials: a measuring tape, a laser or bubble level, a hacksaw, a stapler, a screwdriver, a cutter, a knife coater, a brush or roller and a scaffolding.


The establishment of rails plasterboard

Above all, cut the metal bars, rails, according to the steps, while providing an opening for the door. Then, fasten the rails with screws about every 60 cm and third, a position in a vertical rail to screw it onto the rail from the ceiling. After, place the door by inserting it directly into the rail. In fourth place, we must set another horizontal track so that we can screw it into the first vertical rail. The fifth step is to place another vertical rail on those at the top and bottom. For all that is yours and building means doubling the vertical rails with wood rafter. Once this work is completed, you can now insert between the rails top and bottom of the vertical pieces. Before concluding the implementation of the rails, do not forget the protective covers of electric son. Subsequently, we can take the next step: setting. When fixing rails was completed, we can now think of recessed drywall.

How to ask the drywall?

After setting up the rails, normally it should follow the implementation of plasterboard. This implies as before we took all measures to cut the plasterboard. You must use the materials and the proper tools to do the cutting of your plate. Now, on the metal frame can attach the drywall. However, it is important not to forget to place insulation between studs or vertical pieces. To secure the plates, plates are used they cut fixed on the rails at about 25 cm each, using screws, after making marks on the plate. We must ensure that the plates are secured to the rails to consider that your work is perfect and totally completed. However, care must be taken to give a bang so that the finish is flawless: the joints must be clean and sanded. An undercoat of paint on the plates will be necessary to make them even more beautiful. Once the drying is done, you need to put paint on the wall and ceiling to make the house bright and everything is in harmony of color.