Why buy and not repaired? All chairs are delicate and when they are broken off, they throw it in the garbage and buy another. Stuff to consumers 2.0; indeed, buy and throw has become almost a daily gesture. What happened, however, the diligence of our grandparents who seriously undertook to repair many common objects, such as a cane chair ? Now these antique chairs no longer exist, except in ethnological museums, or in the living rooms of our grandparents or dusty cellars of some kind of abandoned house. But if you happen to own a cane chair, it would be better not to throw it, but fix it for two obvious reasons: they are important witnesses of a bygone era and then repair them is much easier than it looks. And not only that! You can also decorate your chairs, making them more beautiful than before. But we see in extreme synthesis as you do.

Start with two ways . The first is to grind the chair with fine sandpaper, and if necessary, you can also pass a woodworm . Once this is done you can just wrap the chairs with the film for 10-15 days. The second method , however, requires much more time. Is to use the fuel as a substitute demilitarization and close all with a large plastic bag, after you re-open in 20 days . At this point you can use the woodworm, injecting it into the holes of the chair, closing it in the “Bu-stone” for another twenty days.


There are three ways to proceed to the cleaning . One . Spread a acrylic color (the choice is yours of course) over the entire surface of the chair, allow to dry and polish all with a simple woolen cloth. Two . You can buy a stripper and a net to clean the remnants of the old paint, using a little primer of the same color of the chair and a little varnish. Use of wax.

Decoration . You can also beautify your chair, as well as restore it.Roll out a number of missions, and waiting for the time necessary, you can apply false gold leaf called “leaf”. Once this is done, you can wipe it with a cotton ball (or maybe just using your hands) to remove all air bubbles. Finally, take a dry brush and, with it, take away the excess.

Protection of the chair . Finally, make sure your chair remains protected in time you can sprinkle it with wax and the restoration is completed.