It would be wonderful to be in possession of a large bathroom, where he could leave to go to relax after a day of hard work and that you have all the space you need to hold our every accessory. Unfortunately, in many cases it is just a dream because our houses are getting smaller and we must therefore adapt to rather cramped bathrooms. Let’s see then how to decorate in the best way the small bathrooms .

The first thing you need to think is definitely the area under the sink. If you have the option to enter a cabinet with integrated sink or a piece of furniture on which to place a sink support you can count yourself lucky. In fact, these solutions allow you not only to be able to maximize every inch of space you have available by choosing a piece of furniture is not too big but with doors and drawers ideal for storing all your belongings, but also allow you to choose the style of bathroom furniture that most prefer, that style better than the other is able to express your personality.


But not always put these furniture is possible, first because it is rather expensive solutions from an economic point of view, and secondly because there are many people living in rented accommodation and therefore can not afford to make substantial changes so eliminating a health, which was purchased by the landlord. In these cases, the best solution is to rely on a piece of furniture to be inserted directly under the sink. It is a piece of furniture available at prices really low, which matches perfectly to any type of sink and allows you to have a space closed by doors to insert any kind of object that we want to be hidden from view.

As for the inclusion of other furniture in the bathroom the best solution is to choose to hang on the wall cabinets directly to the wall in such a way that we are going to occupy only the space freeing up all the space you need to move with comfort. Among the other available solutions we must also remember the shallow furniture, ideal to be positioned directly behind the bathroom door is an outstanding solution that allows you to take advantage of a space that would otherwise remain completely unused but obviously, given the lack of depth of the furniture this type, it is a suitable solution to contain only certain types of objects such as bottles of shampoo and shower gel, cosmetics or products for the make up.

A valid alternative to the furniture in a bath of small size may be the fabric panels to hang directly to the walls of the bathroom with the aid of small hooks. Obviously, the fabric panels can only contain little heavy objects, otherwise you risk that they break easily, but it is a solution cheerful, fun and very modern that will allow you to have at your fingertips everything you need every day from products for make up make-up removers and diskettes, from towels to roost.

If the bathroom is located in a house owned by you and if you have some extra money aside to spend on the best solution for your space problems is to change the health. Today there are in fact available in many commercial health of small size, health designed just for those who have special needs for space. It is an outstanding solution that offers the bathroom a sophisticated look and also very modern but it is also a very expensive solution.

Finally, we must make a small mention of the shower. In a bathroom so small it is not possible to enter a classic shower that would steal too much space. Today, however, are available free of shower platform that open only when needed and can be completely folded back on themselves instead when the shower is not used, the perfect solution for a bathroom really comfortable and functional.