Dormers to furnish the best is to choose furniture that create low and clear open spaces. They become, well, ideal shelters.

There are many meters loft and very small, with slightly sloping roofs or steeper. There are even some houses loft covering the entire surface of the house and become a plant, with its divisions and respective rooms. The challenge is a good choice of furniture, especially for small dormers, those to which must be reached by stairs, in themselves, and are an obstacle for dealing meters floorspace. You just have to learn to use the space with furniture that multiply. Although they may be intended for many different uses, there are a few steps that are common to take advantage of these spaces under roof.

Furniture suitable for a loft

The slope of the roofs require an exercise of imagination to furnish a loft. Around the perimeter which is less than 110-120 cm. height can be fulfilled with wooden furniture or work traveling on the wall (one or more). It will be a very useful for storing bedding, shoes and seasonal clothing or material for release to clear the rest of the house cabinets. If these units are completed as at an angle to the wall, offer shelf meters, support extra space for books, lamps or other objects. If the attic has a function room, the bed has to be placed in the clearest space to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and it is preferable to avoid the headboard. Fabrics, pillows, quilts give greater sense of clarity if chosen in whites, creams and ivories.


The touch of color can put a blanket, plaid at the foot of the bed or a cushion on it. If the destination of the attic is an office or study area, the table must be in the area that receives more light from always trying to reach the left or front. A high wall and clear (if available) is a good place to install a library from floor to ceiling. Choose the wood in colors such as beech or birch or painted white or cream. A good idea is to put doors, if possible, to prevent as much dust as possible to the books.

Furniture on wheels and half height to enlarge the space of the attic

Sliding doors and furniture with wheels facilitate their movement. If you also choose pieces of dual-use versatility that will make them even more profitable: a sofa bed with wheels just overwhelms the space and provides extra beds. The trolleys , easier movement in case of need to expand the space for, for example, a folding bed. To wean environments, choose mid-height shelves that do not obstruct the view, or screens of lightweight materials such as wrought iron or wooden trellis.

The materials of the furniture should also be light: light wood finish, etched or painted white. Avoid bulky chairs and opt for items that have legs or wheels (which also appear to bulge least not rest directly on the ground). Tables with drawers or shelves underneath, raffia baskets that serve for storage, dual-use sidewalks and furniture, in general, of medium height. Run away, forever, the idea that our attic is where we put the furniture and do not know what to do. And when in doubt, choose the simplicity and as little furniture as possible. The mirrors, placed strategically double space, reflect light and make additional window function, so are very suitable to complete the decoration.

Windows in the attic, are often scarce

Roof pitch makes meters are less than usable in a common room and lack of windows (experts recommend at least 10% of the roof surface) advise enhance light using other resources. If on the other hand, clarity is excessive, the market offers curtains and blinds to dormers, suitable for windows tilted. These dormer windows admit, too, blinds and automatic mechanisms for raising or lowering power using a remote control.

Bring clarity to a space under roof

Gain clarity is therefore a priority. If that is our goal, interior design experts advise paint the walls of the attic in bright colors, pastels or neutral tones, looking for those that reflect light. Soil timber should also be clear, as carpets, if we use. We will have to complete the effect of painting with good artificial light. It is better to have a 20% excess of light that have to use floor lamps or table, which will occupy space. The sloping walls provide further ease of placing some lower lights, which can be spotlights, halogen or LED type.