The children’s room, as well as having to be beautiful and functional, it must meet different security requirements, in order to ensure the rest, study and child’s play , with no risk. The safety of such environment results from the use of suitable materials and the realization of installations in accordance. Some changes as determined by special devices, will ensure a secure room . But let’s see how to furnish security in the children s room.

First, we will adjust the electrical system, preparing sockets safety which does not permit the child to tuck inside fingers and objects: in this respect, we can buy some valid jack cover (basically the small plastic caps provided with two sticks which will inserted in the holes of the socket). However, to ensure peace of mind, we will install the counter to house a life-saver. The latter, in case of need and danger, will block the current delivery: for the little ones, and indispensable in all homes. It will also be better not to use a power strip with many outlets attacked, as they may be a source of curiosity and danger to the child.


The curtains, pillows, chandeliers and Barbour are a source of pleasant color, harmonize environments and create a ‘fairy-tale atmosphere. Always opt for non-synthetic fabrics, preferring to curtains, bedspread and so on, natural fabrics such as cotton, which is not readily ignite. Even in the case of Barbour to be placed near the bed, purchased the appropriate models for children’s rooms. Usually made ​​of wood or plastic, are free from cracks and dangers arising from or related glass lamps. Provide the room with corner guards and drawer locks can protect your hands and the head of the child from possible accidents.

Give space to color: colorful rugs and cushions with designs allow you to isolate the child from the floor and protect it in the game or in case of falls. This function is performed admirably by wooden floors, warm material has always been used to decorate various types of spaces inside the home: a viable alternative to the normal floor . It will also allow the child to be able to walk barefoot in his room, strengthening the muscles of the feet and legs, a practice recommended by many pediatricians.