The living room is the heart of a home because it is the room in which you spend more time and that characterizes the whole atmosphere of the apartment. The choice regarding the decor of this environment is therefore particularly important, since affect on our psyche and mood in a nitro incisive. In this sense, also the colors chosen will play an important role, since they will be able to create special optical effects depending on their use. In this guide we will see how to decorate the living room through the use of white, neutral color that never goes out of fashion, but is continually reinvented, as with glamor and sophistication.

Dye the walls of a room of white, it means making the environment more visually spacious and provide it with an unparalleled brightness, since this dye is able to reflect sunlight like no other. Of this feature, however, we will have to take it into account in the event that inhabit in a penthouse sunny, poached this effect could become particularly intense and excessive. This tint is ideal, however, for the apartments on the lower floors, generally less bright, as will also allow us to save a few euro on the electricity bill. To avoid getting a flat color too can use a sponge effect, which will give more movement to the hue and will kick off a pleasing play of light.


A shade of white suited to furnishing the living room is white ivory, characterized by an innate elegance that will be perfect for the sofa covering, and will enhance a parquet floor or granite. We may also utilize this color for the bookcase, as well as the dining table, perhaps combining it with chairs in natural wood, that will give the room a light Provencal atmosphere. The risk of white, in fact, is its tendency to make an aseptic environment, and should be well balanced and tempered by strong colors and decided. In this regard it will be good to enter in furnishing cushions vibrant and colorful paintings, which will harmonize the environment, making it more hospitable and warm.We may also think of contamination of color to the walls, such as using a light shade of gray, which will highlight the decor is light and will help to make chic environment.