Feng Shui is a Chinese discipline that aims to create environments where positive energies are able to easily penetrate and circulate without having to create any kind of stagnation. The negative energies should instead be left outside of our circles, energies that may have very serious impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. Many people believe that the discipline of Feng Shui can only be used in our homes but in reality this discipline is ideal for any environment where we spend our time. The Office is also a perfect place to enact this discipline, indeed, place where we spend most of our day and where we must try to be really efficient if we are to be able to always give the best of ourselves.

Feng Shui for Office takes into account mainly the mobile desks, in fact more important than this room on which and around which all the work is performed. Feng Shui does not consider only the arrangement of the desk in the room but also of course the arrangement of all the accessories we need on its surface. For this reason if you want to decorate an Office following Feng Shui have to empty it completely and start from the desk that must necessarily be made of wood, a natural material that can lure only positive energies.


If your desk that you have is not made of wood we suggest to throw it and buy a new one, only wood can help you in achieving the right balance of energy you need. Buying a new desk pays attention to its corners and its color. Choose desks with rounded corners and never too pronounced so that positive energies are never broken. Also prefer the natural color of wood or possibly a light color and neutral colors these offering a great sense of well-being and relaxation.

Feng Shui predicts that an Office desk is always placed in a protected site, in a place that is capable of making the person sitting at the desk always relaxed. For this reason behind should always be a wall, possibly even somewhat close. With a wall behind it it feels protected because nothing and nobody could get a surprise from that direction.

The person sitting at the desk should also always have the front door in the Office always in sight. With the door under your eyes you will have the possibility to increase the sense of security because you will know with certainty that no one managed to sneak from that port.

The consideration that we have just done on arrangement of desk within the Office are not enough, however, according to Feng Shui. In a lab environment you must not just be relaxed and feel protected, it is also necessary that the positive energy make it best a few features, just those features that we need to do our job better. If you are a person with little focus or if your work requires a particularly intense concentration we suggest then to make sure that your head is positioned toward the North. If you instead need consistency and will power your neck must be positioned towards the Northeast. If your work requires increasing creativity that every day must regenerate your neck must be positioned towards the East.

Place the nape Southeast if feel the need to eliminate every kind of workplace stress and southward instead if you need to regain strength and physical energy. If you need fantasy, imagination and femininity the nape should be positioned toward the Southwest. Finally, if your job is tied to the world of advertising, social or political power the ideal orientation of your head is to the West.