If your closet is too small for your clothing and your accessories, doubles your storage room with simple, inexpensive and practical tips

Anyone, without being a handyman, can double the space of a closet, with simple tricks and very little money , because given the current size of houses, never enough space for clothes, shoes and accessories.

Expanding to twice the storage of clothes in a closet, with simple shelves

Many closets, especially the cheaper, usually are precisely because they dispense with shelves and leave gaps too high. These, in turn, often do not exploit all that is desired because the clothes very crowded not easy to catch. The solution is very simple, because as tools only need a nail and a hammer, and consists only in multiplying each shelf or shelf for two (photo), with this easy ten-step procedure:

1. A shelf Measure existing (if you can make it even easier), and subtract two millimeters on each side.
2. Taking a DIY store shelf old as the color swatch, or take a picture with the cell phone and ask us to cut as many as we need in the new measure.


3. If you want to finish the front that will be visible, buy a tape for this purpose in the store and stick with an iron.
4. Buy holders for shelves with crescent and built screw (photo)
5. Make a line with a pencil in the cabinet to the height at which we place each shelf, making sure that this is the same in the three walls so that is not skewed.
6. Bookmark four points-two on each side, for each of the new crescent brackets (used as the model of existing shelves, although different).
7. Hammer a nail in them only a few millimeters, to make a slight hole, and then remove it.
8. Tighten by hand in the hole the bracket bolted crescent, and let this last horizontal shelves.
9. Support the new shelf on the four supports.
10. Proceed exactly the same with the rest of the shelves that we need to enjoy a closet with their capacity multiplied by two.

How to increase space for shoes, in and out of the closet

There are several tricks for inside or outside the closet fits twice own pairs of shoes:

# The organizers bags of plastic with holes, which are hung inside the doors of the cabinet, or wall, behind the room.
# Shoemakers, these specific furniture so narrow that even fit in a hallway.
# And our favorite, buy an additional shelf-even white kitchen (photo) not more than five dollars, to put a shoe line above and one below. When holes do not even need cleaning.

Hanging over dresses and shirts in the closet bar

In department stores and in many markets sold double spars that consist of two hanging together by a strip consisting of at least five holes, each of which are hung various garments. Once hung, we proceed to release one of two initial coupling, so that they all remain suspended only from the other. And since in the cabinets top of the clothes is by far the most bulging due to neck, shoulder pads, belts etc. They are often left hanging so tight that prevent new hangers. The double, on the contrary, this distributed progressively widening downward, greatly multiply the place of the wardrobe. As for the two-piece suits for both ladies and gentleman to come in handy the astichelas , where the bottom of the garment hanger, skirt or pants, hangs directly from the coat or jacket.

Storing bags in the cloakroom, and other seasonal tips

The bags are usually one of the most uncomfortable lumps store, not only because they take up much space, but they are often impossible to keep up. The solution is simple: a hanger with shelves of fabric that will enable us to keep up to nine bags once for less than four euros. As for the annoying change of seasonal clothing, if you have a wardrobe of two bodies just have to save a summer and winter in another and alternate their use by time of year when you are. This trick also works if you have a closet in each room, although in this case we recommend that you save the summer in the most remote, as it is used for less time.

But if you have not decided that cabinet shop, for example because you just move , remember that corner modules not only have far more capacity than the simple, but use dead corners of the bedrooms, as they leave the walls empty flat for beds and study tables. And finally, a very useful advice with which to buy time before running for the job: keep the clothes by color and in the same order , to avoid having to search each set around the closet. An example: black pants, green, gray and brown and black shirts hanging on, green, gray and brown stored consecutively.