Definitely will happen to you, at least once, to have suffered the invasion of annoying ants. Remember what you’ve done to eliminate them? You have probably used the quickest and most common and that is to spray a chemical insecticide directly on them. But there are also some natural and effective remedies to remove the ants and have the advantage of not being toxic or harmful to both humans and the environment, especially useful if the house there are children or pets.



The ants are omnivores (able to eat anything), but prefer sugary substances. So we must always maintain clean environments more “at risk” as the kitchen and the pantry: no crumbs on the floor, no leftovers, no dirty dishes left in the sink for too long. Sometimes prevent the cleaning is not enough, and especially in the warmer months, the ants may come to visit us. In that case, armed with cunning and affected in their weak spot: the sense of smell. These pesky insects, in fact, perceive odors even at a great distance and hate those that are particularly strong. Then you can make at home of natural repellents to keep them away. Just for example spray vinegar on the areas most at risk, or you can use essential oils pungent smell. The most suitable is to eucalyptus, together with essential oil of Cajeput, which, among other things is also a good germicidal. Simply combine 5 ml of Cajeput oil in 5 ml of the eucalyptus, then add 20 ml of ethyl alcohol and you will get a perfume for environments to 100% natural and effective for the removal of the ants. You can help with a spray dispenser in the corners and in the most “at risk”.

The attack

Unless you just keep them away, but you want to permanently delete them, you can prepare a mix consisting of baking soda, sugar and yeast. This compound can then go to place in the most frequented by the ants, which are cleared because icing sugar will attract the while baking soda and baking powder to eliminate. And if even a single ant than to eat, bring a little of this compound in the nest, almost certainly will be deleted much of the colony. A final natural and low-cost method is to keep a jar of honey opened at strategic points: ants, greedy, and inevitably will reach you remain stuck.

The defense

After being eliminated, you can put in place the systems of defense by blocking all possible access routes. Make sure that the fixtures do not have escape routes, otherwise Provide to seal them using putty, silicone or tape. And your windowsills decorated with mint plants: their pungent odor will help to keep them away!