For those of you not ever get distracted for a moment and leave scorch a meal in the microwave? It may happen to leave too long a dish in the microwave and burn completely, leaving a bad smell that is hard to shake. However, there are very useful remedies and natural to remedy this problem and in this guide we will explain exactly How to get rid of burnt smell in microwave .

During cooking of a food or while you heat a cold soup, which can happen if you pour a part by mistake on the turntable in the microwave, causing a terrible smell of burnt soaking over the entire surface of the oven . If not immediately will clean your microwave, subsequent dishes that warm up, run the risk of absorbing the smell of burning and lose their flavor. It is then shown to be timely in the cleaning and removal of bad smell .

how to get rid of burnt smell in microwave

A first useful remedy to remove the burnt smell, is to pass a damp cloth soaked with dish washing liquid on the walls of your microwave. Add on parts moistened with the piece, the very common bicarbonate in order to fully absorb the smell. The bicarbonate, has the ability to eliminate any smells from all types of appliances and it is really very effective. You can also try putting a dash of vinegar on a cotton ball and rub it all over the oven. Even the vinegar has great ability to remove unpleasant odors from ovens, refrigerators and washing machines. Obviously, you’ll have to leave that vinegar is baking soda for a whole night to get satisfactory results.

You will have to clean the entire interior of the microwave included on the turntable and below. You can also try putting a small bowl with water and lemon in the oven, turn the oven and create a vapor that you will then dry with a cloth moistened with a pinch of degrease . Always be careful to never put in the microwave type objects metal that can cause various complications. Also avoid using detergents toxic or flammable harmful to health when you clean the oven, because their particles could come in the next few foods that can warm up. With these little tips, the smell will go away immediately.