It happens very often that our four-legged friends from contracting fleas: these parasites, as well as being harmful to the animal, lurk in the hot spots of the house , such as carpets and rugs . It is very important to act quickly with a thorough disinfection , especially in the home there are children or those predisposed to allergies . Here’s how to remove fleas from the carpet , without using harsh chemicals.

We begin by making an initial disinfection. Get the simple baking soda and sprinkle a good amount on the carpet . When the entire area is covered with it, rub it for good with a broom . In this way the powder will penetrate into the fibers and internal reach both fleas and their eggs. Leave on for at least 48 hours, avoiding stepping on the area. Elapsed time, a vacuum cleaner. Do not just throw the bag to empty, but store it in the freezer 24 hours: this feature will ensure that the eggs cannot hatch. Repeat the entire procedure for a week.


Another very effective method is to use apple cider vinegar. In a non-metallic bowl, mix two parts water and one part vinegar, then scrub the carpet with a scouring pad soaked in the solution. Not only kill these annoying pests, but reject other insects such as ants, aphids and mites.

Keep in mind that the past “attack” must then be followed by a regular maintenance. Switch the vacuum cleaner very often, each time changing the bag. Once every two weeks, run a cleaning deeper with salt and borax, two ingredients effective and inexpensive. Sprinkle them with the carpet and let it sit for a couple of hours, the time required to kill parasites and larvae, preventing to reproduce. Next, remove the excess powder passing the broom.

If the problem persists, upgrade your flea home-made with dish soap. In fact serve more as a trap. Before treating the area with the repellent, the system two paper plates filled with water and a heaping teaspoon of detergent. When fleas will leave the carpet for groped to escape the dust, most likely will jump in the dishes. Here you will be stifled by the soap, which will act as a bonding agent. The insects out of the closet, especially at night: put a torch next to the traps, so they are attracted to light and are more likely to end up in them.