The grandmother’s dishes and does not fashionable today, the same goes for the school desk, relegated to the bottom of the attic, which nevertheless deserves a second chance. Here are three steps that must be overcome to rejuvenate your wood furniture and make them worthy heirs of the impositions of the decor.

Step 1: Clean

Start by dusting the furniture. Duster, duster, toothbrush. anything is good to clear the corner minimal dust. Mites destroyed, equip rubber gloves lavage with detergent. The Saint-Marc detergent with warm water to clean the dirt will get tougher. Namely: After this shock treatment, clarification is required. For drying, choose an airy and shaded.

Step 2: Prepare the surface

Say goodbye to the wax, lacquer or even the original painting. Getting your new decor is kept must remove all traces of the past.
* To clear the wax we have two solutions: the first to use a mixture of water and soda (a glass of soda to 8 glasses of water), the second buy a special product to remove wax.
* To remove the varnish, prepare a mixture with the same doses of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. A 100% effective.


* Finally, the layers of paint will fall under the threat of a spatula and your Herculean strength. But if the finish is thick, you better use thermal stripping tool.
* Finally, you still have to sand the furniture, with the help of sandpaper in the direction of the wood grain. Do not forget also repair cracks and scratches the furniture because wood pulp.

Namely: If your furniture tends suddenly to a darker color, do not panic! Some species, such as chestnut or oak, darken after washing. Then used bleach (one cup per gallon of water) to rinse again your furniture.

Step 3: decorate

Once finished cleaning and pickling is time to unleash the imagination to a new finish to your furniture.
* The environmentalists nostalgic purists prefer Chinese woods natural result of a colorless wax or slightly tinted.
* The decorators trends certainly take a lacquer color inside acid and neutral on the outside to get a sophisticated effect.
* The fans appreciate Gust avian style furniture painted or coated with a patina or paint ceramic.
* The decorative possibilities are manifold: stencils, collages, gilded wallpaper.
* The icing on the cake: remember to replace the original doorknobs or handles with more current. Ornaments trimmings or industrial-style shooters your choice.