If you plan to start growing something on your balcony you should consider this guide, where we explain how to grow potatoes on your balcony. Take into account that the potato is a hardy plant that can be grown easily, even hostile environments and climatic conditions are not optimal. In practice, it is the ideal plant to grow from a small garden on your balcony, then take notes to implement some useful advice to be able to plant.

To start, you need to make a potato, or you can buy at the market, or it can be advanced that there is the last time you made ​​of french fries . Possible, should be a potato that you have a good p’o time and begins to do some bud, but if it is not do not worry, it’s good enough a simple potato just bought at the market. Divide in half hour with a knife, being careful not to touch the buds, if there are. Now take a vessel of at least forty centimeters in diameter and fill it with soil from a nursery. the land can be purchased easily from florists or alternatively by nurseries.


Now make the vase filled with earth two holes to apply the two parts of the potato we cut. The holes have a depth of 20 cm, ideal for completely immerse the potatoes. The part where it has been carried out, the cut must be held low. Now then cover the hole with soil and wet the whole with water. The soil should always be moist, then it will be necessary to irrigate it regularly. After about two weeks we will start to see emerge from the land of the plants, which grow up to 60 cm. After another two weeks the plants start to bloom. You keep going to keep the wet earth, it is vital for potatoes.

Once the plants have lost the flowers you can stop watering. The plants gradually turn yellow and wither. At this point it will be time to pick up the potatoes. Delving into our vessel we might note that grew potatoes in the ground. The use collect the and how best to believe, or as food or plant to create more potatoes, the choice is up to us according to our needs. Keep in mind that if you want to grow more potatoes on your balcony is advisable to take another bowl and repeat all over again.