All diets and beauty tips depart from the need to provide adequate physical activity. This need, however, many respond by highlighting the lack of time available to them and complaining about the difficulty in managing their commitments cutting a couple of hours a week to devote to exercise in the gym. A good solution is to equip and build a gym directly to your home!

Start with the tools that can be easily replaced by items that are easily in any home. The classical weights, which allow you to train your arms and chest depending on the exercises that are performed can be easily replaced by bottles of water, which can be easily attached and held in his hand. In the initial phase of training may be enough of half-liter bottles, then pass to those of 1 liter, 1 liter and a half to arrive finally in those from 2 liters. The broom handle will allow you instead of thin life: use it to perform the twisting of the body to the right or left, or move in front of and behind you with large movements: in this way unwind the muscles without too much effort. The “do it yourself” will also allow us to save on gym mats: excellent a blanket or a normal carpet!


However, there are periods in order to be properly made ​​require the specific equipment. The race for example, requires the use of a carpet chamber. The need for this product was born when you do not have the opportunity or the time to attend a gym or run outdoors. In the market there are carpets room prices and options. However, from € 200 are already great products. Going with the prices you can evaluate the most professional products, which allow you to set the slope of the race in a very real way. Strength work and on the lower limbs is also ensured by the modern bikes elliptical. Even in this case with lower expenditure take home a accessory very complete and functional.

Let us instead to the upper body Again with lower expenditure, about 50 euro, you can buy the tools are able to help and support your back during abdominal is also the Reduced cost of equipment with rubber bands that allow it to be used as rowers, thus stimulating even chest and back.