The machine usually in a matter of space, but also for convenience due to the discharge, is placed in the bath, but all in all from the aesthetic point of view is not quite so nice to see. If you have a bath only and no other place to be able to install, then you need to find a solution. Here then are some tips on how to hide the washing machine in the bathroom.

There are at least two possibilities to overcome this drawback. That (space permitting) to create a masonry shaft or a wooden structure , transforming the washing machine in a built-in appliances. In case you can achieve a masonry shaft, then it is sufficient to buy cement blocks already perfectly finished, that with glue are positioned so as to create a room , just to measure the washing machine and then close on the front with wooden doors the same color of the furniture that decorate the bathroom.


For the occasion, you can take advantage and exploit the height and width of the room, to hide even brooms and mops and above all you need for the washing machine from the bucket of detergent soaps and plastic containers maybe even adding small shelves. The most practical and perhaps more elegant, however is to achieve a wooden structure which is suitable to accommodate the entire washing machine for concealment from view when not in use. In order to do this you can go into a center for the DIY , but also in a sawmill and be cut to size of the wooden wall of about 4 X 4 cm, just how many are needed to build a castle that serves as the backbone of the storage compartment for the washing machine. This choice is convenient, as it saves a lot of murals with wood being very cheap, just think that an auction of about 3 meters costs about 5 or 6 euro. Coverage of the table top and side of the structure that we are going to make, do so with wood, plywood, about one inch thick, which is available both in natural wood that is already colored (dark or light).

If your bathroom furniture, such as the shoe rack or cabinet towel rack of wooden doors have typically blind or smooth type of solid wood, we can do the same with the structure that hides the washing machine, then, also close to the front masking completely (with similar pre-purchased already made) and making it similar to the furniture of furniture in the bathroom.