When renovates a bathroom and we intend to furnish, it is also important to provide a good lighting, especially the height of the mirror area, which hosts the largest operation of cleaning the face like a beard shaving or applying creams topical and cosmetics. In this guide, we take care of them give some tips on how to light the area mirror in the room from the bathroom.

If the bathroom mirror is single, with no side drawers, but only with a shelf for the support of various objects, such as lighting can provide applying to both sides of the wall with lamps preferably white light that spread a convergent beam toward the mirror, no glare and allowing a good view to give birth without any problems to the operations of daily make-up of the face.


Many people when equipment installed in the bathroom, choose the option to furnish it in a rustic and wooden, maybe made ​​with the technique of DIY of multi-functional furniture and elegant. Even though the mirror needs a light well evident that, should incorporate into the structure of recessed lights. The best in this case are those of the spotlights of swiveling type that allow you to customize the radius depending on personal needs. If the bathroom includes more than a mirror, regardless of what classic over the sink, it is convenient to place at the top, in correspondence of the end portion, of the ceiling slightly inclined towards the bottom that give more light, crouching on the floor without hindering the visual acuity of the person.

Sometimes we complain about the poor lighting in the area mirror and you cannot do delicate operations in the face and eyes. In this case, in addition to the elements mentioned so far, you can make specific integrations, which, depending on the requirement, give the opportunity to take advantage of higher luminance. Also in this case, to lord it was spotlighted that can be placed right in front of the mirror area, is of the fixed type, then with the beam directed towards the latter direction, in order to create areas of light and shade sometimes necessary to identify small imperfections or hair. Finally, if the bathroom as it allows quadrature, should be placed under the attic, a series of spotlights, distributing them in a staggered manner and with power to groups so you can measure out the light needed.