Improve the building’s energy class is interesting in several respects. Energy saving is clearly one of these because this saves on one of the themes of greater spending on families: the consumption for winter heating and summer cooling. Follows a theme which should be dear to all — an ecological and environmentally sustainable attitude why a minor use of resources means less impact on the environment. Finally the tax deductions for renovations, at 50% until June and then again at 37%, or for interventions on the energy class, allow you to spend less for the investment without save on quality.

Figuring out how to improve the building’s energy class, and then save, we must know where energy or dilute our where to intervene. Each building is different from each other for so many reasons: age, quality and manufacturing technology, position and geographic location. To certify the energy class is a must call a professional writing to a particular list of certifies, different in the various Italian regions. Certification is required by law in case of sale or lease of the property and is useful to determine the improvement of class to get the tax deductions. We tend today to buy them at a cost lower species always starting from the web. If from a certain point of view can work-if you need only to sell to others your building-will not be some money well spent if your purpose is to improve the energy class that instead it should be parsed with a serious and well-researched calculations. But let’s move on to how to evaluate a good intervention.


During the energy certification procedure are studied some particularities of your building to figure out where this is more silicium requires plenty of energy — which consumes more resources. Are there any factors that theoretically can do little but that some room for improvement give definitely: geographical, environmental exposure and adjacent to other buildings warmed: — where is the building and how it is oriented relative to the Sun or to prevailing winds and adjacency to basements, sky or units normally instead. Of course we cannot move the House from Boltzmann to Tarantino to have less cold and even we can turn the orientation to get more sun and heat garages or cellars. However, we can improve the quality of the building so that it can defend itself from external aggressions. One of the first factors that affects a low energy class, a high consumption, is the isolation of surfaces exposed to colder environments and the second is the insulation and quality of Windows.

Even the influence a lot on energy class. In this case to be vulnerable are hardly the old cast-iron radiators, which retain excellent performances, but the boilers. Old boilers generally consume more and make less-plus download proportionally more pollutants in outdoor air-for age but also for technology. In this field have been made great strides and condensing boilers offer high performance without needing to touch the radiators that will be a good idea to install a thermostatic valve that allows you to check the temperature of each individual environment.