Being able to do some chores at home, may eventually prove useful, even for those who do not feel their mags DIY. For example, insert the plugs in the doors of the cabinets is a task that will be repeated many times in your lifetime and it is better able to cope.

DIY, can be a great hobby, but also a way to save money on technical experts who should call, even for simple jobs, not to mention the advantage of having to wait days to fix the problem. Step by step, with this handy guide you will discover the simplicity that leads to insert the plugs in the doors of cabinets. To begin with we must bear in mind that there are different types of tiles that differ depending on the flow rate, the weight of the object to be mounted, and depending on the head. The head is the part that remains out of the wall and is chosen based on aesthetics and the use that he has to do. Another element to be considered is the material in which the anchor is inserted (wood. plasterboard, bricks, etc) This is because depending on the material, there are plugs that provide added grip different.


It comes with everything you buy at the hardware store and there is no risk of being wrong, usually, in fact, each package contains all the data related to the use of any specific piece, instead of just seek advice from your hardware dealer. In addition to the blocks, to mount the doors of your cabinets, you will need a drill, there are several commercially available as needed. You are now ready to mount the doors. For one thing, marked with a pencil the point at which the anchor is to be fixed, created an “x” to designate precisely the position of the drilling. After attaching the tip on the drill, drill the holes of the surface that will be placed in the plugs. With an air gun, or blowing clean up the hole from the material disposed of after the drilling operation. Now switch to insert the plug into the hole and after positioning the door, place the screws with the drill tip screwdriver, tighten the screws until they fit perfectly into the dowel. Do the same for the other pieces.

Now your door is fully assembled, to make sure you perform well the various phases, place a screwdriver on the head of the plug and try to tighten. With this, you can install plugs in the doors of the cabinets, mirrors, pictures, shelves, and even ledges, frames and all that you will need, no need to call for service.