Install a fireplace represents a choice edge highly advantageous. This heating system allows in fact the diffusion of heat in our home optimizing the costs and offering numerous advantages in terms of efficiency. Its power expected to be used as fuel for the wood, the pellet, which may be accompanied or replaced the traditional fuels such as LPG, natural gas or diesel. Its main feature consists in the fact that, unlike the traditional fireplace, it allows the recovery of a good amount of heat thanks to some particular devices, avoiding that this is unnecessarily dispersed in the flue. In this guide we will analyze the different types of fireplace and evaluate the cost-benefit ratio on its installation.


On the market there are two types of closed fireplace, the air fed and the water. The first has the advantage of easy installation, not being connected to the system of testimonial, and also enables us to transform an old traditional fireplace in a fireplace, increasing in this way the energy efficiency and reducing considerably the dispersion of heat. The fireplace water has the advantage of providing heat to the environment while simultaneously heats the water, which ensures a constant temperature during the day, avoiding in this way the use of other fuel. Its energy efficiency is therefore highly superior, and allows us to avoid the annoying phenomenon related to blackening of the walls of the house, an inconvenience that often happens if there is an air fireplace. These features allow them to the fireplace water from entering fully into the group of the innovations necessary for a sustainable future in the green energy.

The cleaning of the fireplace to water is a rather simple operation, which will provide for the removal of ash daily, unless it is equipped with a drawer that can hold for several days, which will be accompanied by a cleaning of the flue duct from the first of its power during the winter season, which will include its use at full capacity.

The installation of a fireplace stove must of course be carried out by qualified personnel who will be able to illustrate how to use and maintain The cost of a fireplace to water is between 1600 and 4000 Euros, depending on the characteristics and the manufacturer.