Before we describe how to install a garage door I want to clarify what it is. To be clear is that those doors are usually mounted in the garage condominium especially to avoid raising shutters heavy or massive iron doors . They are made ​​of steel galvanized high quality and, if fitted correctly, are super cute. Install is not difficult but you have to know well how doing it and that’s exactly what I’m going to talk to you.

Before you place the door, you have to control two very important factors that the level and flatness of the bearing surface and the leveling of the door. At this point you can move to assemble the door. There is a kit assembly which should be checked first to make sure you have all the tools to mount . If there is something you cannot perform the installation. Start by removing the cover from the counterweight side uprights of the frame. Now you need to fix the cover able lateral aid of the screws that you will find in the kit.


You will find his legs do not bend. Bending you have to think about you and you have to make sure to make them adhere to the wall and secure with the bolts or screws appropriate provided the purchase. Then, if the model is 3000 mm, includes a bracket that is mounted to the ceiling. The shoe, however, is fixed to the floor with bolts. At this point, you must attach the counterweights and replace the cover counterweight that you had disassembled the beginning. You are coming to the end of the assembly. You only need to screw the handle always provided and remove the connecting bracket shoulders. It is a kind of piece of steel L-shaped serving until the end of the assembly to support the door which is not yet fixed in a definitive way .

The door is now installed but before you use it you have to carry out any checks to be sure it is of the correct functioning of the safety Try to insert the keys outside the door to ensure the operation of the lock, guides clean and remove anything that is not part of the door (pieces of nylon or polystyrene and the like), open the door to see if it works well. Every six months or so take care to lubricate the bearings and guides so that the door does not become difficult to open is not a difficult task but you have to be precise and realized in order to make the installation successfully.