Here you will learn how to install a light outdoor wall. The outdoor lighting can have many styles. One of the most elegant is what provides for the fixing of lights on the porch or near the front door. If your home has brick siding, you must use special fasteners to mount the ceiling, depending on its weight. Since everything will be exposed to external agents, it is preferable that the media is in stainless steel, rust-resistant.

Locate the exact point in the wall where the wires go. Place a tester diagram to verify that these are safe. Once this is done, stop the electricity utility. Center ceiling in the wall. Mark the area with a pencil, being careful not to cover the area of the wire harness. If the wall is in brick, the holes should be performed above the interstices, preferably on the smoother surface available.


With an electric drill, practice holes following the pilot holes previously marked in pencil. The size of the screws will depend on the type of anchor you plan to use. Now you can vacuum dust escaping from the holes. Always keeping in place the tester, take care of wiring. The black wire of the light fixture or the spotlight must be connected to the corresponding color of the inside of the wall. Adv digital loosely with a band and a nut. Repeat the same process with the white wires and the green ones. Some cable systems, in place of the green cable can be equipped with a grounding screw. In this case, simply wrap the wire around it, then will shake the screw to keep it in position. Head harness for total security.

Now you have to mount an anchor sleeve through each of the holes in the ceiling , aligning perfectly for a better attachment , beat after the screw head with a hammer. Serra nuts on the bolts more thoroughly as possible, helping with a wrench Put the new band of wires inside the electrical box on the wall and fix it in place with a clamp Remount the cover plate. finally the light switch on the wall Rida the current and checks that the work has been performed in the correct manner.