The whirlpool is ideal to leave behind the tension of a day full of stress, but it is also useful to regenerate after the night allowing us to boost of positive energy useful for a busy day of work as relaxes both the physical and the mind giving us a deep and lasting well-being. Generally thinking whirlpool comes to mind a comfortable bath in which relax, while there are showers practices specifically designed to carry out the same function of the hot tub, with the advantage of occupying less space and do not require the use of a quantity excessive water. In this guide, so we’ll see how to install a shower tub in our bathroom, so we can give each day a moment of pure relaxation.


The shower allows considerable water savings compared to the traditional bath. The latter, in fact, requires about 150 liters of water in order to be filled, to contrary of the shower, which consumes about 10-20 liters of water per minute. The choice of the type of shower that we are going to install will depend primarily on the size of the cabin that we will choose to use, and the type of function that we want to possess our shower. We can in fact choose between a whirlpool back, neck or back, in addition to the choice between a central shower head or a hand shower hand. There are also several options for our well-being with which we can characterize our system making it more functional, such as foot spa, and a system of color therapy and aromatherapy, we ensure maximum relaxation .

If we want to achieve the ultimate in relaxation will be good to opt for a model equipped with a shower seat, which will allow us to relax and be particularly useful for older people who can not stand too long. Installing a shower will require the intervention of a good plumber and an electrician, which can connect the supply to the system to allow its operation The cost of a shower is very variable, since it is closely linked to the presence of options more or less articulated, but it can be estimated in a price range between 800 and 1300 euro.