The bathroom is one of the rooms where we can best express our desire to do it yourself, maybe installing something that, in other situations, would ask the help of a technician or at least someone more experienced than us. This guide will try to explain how to install, with relative ease, Columbus Ohio bathroom remodeling. We will assume that we have with us all the information necessary to complete the operation. We refer to the shower and the doors of the cabin, not to mention the usefulness of a mixer and a shower head. We also remind you that the shower tray can be of three different types: free standing, or to elevate draw. Equally for the doors, which can be sliding or accordion.

We position, first of all, the shower tray at the point that we wish. Once you have made ​​this very first step, we have to assemble the trap : it is an element that has the task of managing the flow of water. The go to place under the shower. To remember that, along with the trap, we should have in our also available by the PVC pipes that are connected to other small objects, or sleeves, elbows, fittings and fixing collars. This connection is made ​​with a special glue that we can easily find in a hardware store or at least a store that provides objects suitable for DIY.


In the second phase, which is quite short, in view of the importance of the third phase, comes in the grid , which is mounted on the floor. The exhaust pipe, instead, we are going to add it in a very precise position of the siphon. In this case, we must remember to provide the necessary slope to the exhaust pipe just installed, this because the water flowing in the tubes by pressure or gravity, two characteristics without which it would remain completely stops. if you want more information you can visit