In summer when Windows are open to excessive heat, there is the problem of mosquitoes that enter and attack us forcing us to use stoves or repellents to avoid spending sleepless nights. If we are to solve the problem so we can create a mosquito net and make it scrollable in order to gain access to the window sill. Here then, instructions on how to assemble a fly screen sliding door.

Firstly we travel in an old craft projects and purchase of wood of the same Wall beds squaring the opening window. Here also we take even a network of thin metal for mosquito nets, double tracks Chocking, nails, silicone glue and white glue. With all the material available we can then proceed to the realization of our sliding fly screens. After cutting the Wall beds compartment-sized window, we build with them two frames on which incommodious the mosquito net. The latter are divided in half to create two frames slides with the possibility of alternation in the opening. With the same yardstick we create another frame of equal measure, and superimpose the first using to fix the white glue.


After the construction of the frames containing the metal network we now create the apparatus to make it scrollable. Take then the dual binary Chocking and paste on the ledge inside near the window frame, using silicone glue. At this point, with the same procedure the upper rail and paste let it dry well. The next day being open binaries on both sides we can enter into any Chocking a frame, so that they become alternately sliding.

At this point, the realization of our sliding insect screen can be considered complete. One last trick is to block both ends of Rails is less than that to avoid frames from leaking out. For this you simply paste the four ends of the rails of wood stateliness. Now our work is finally finished and the mounting of a sliding mosquito net allows us to always keep the window open without worry of mosquitoes and especially to be able to sleep soundly.