In recent years, many families have decided to choose plants that could provide energy in an economical and environmentally friendly. Governments have facilitated the population, proposing a deduction equal to 55% of the costs incurred to install this type of system, just in order to lower emissions of gas and carbon dioxide, which necessarily impacts on the surrounding environment causing further damage. Among the different options greens are the solar thermal system, capable of capturing solar energy, to store it and use it to heat both environments running water. In this guide, we’ll see then how to orient to install this type of system , analyzing the costs and benefits.


The ideal solution for the installation of the panels solar is to own a detached house with a flat roof or ground water not shaded, on which you can place the panels. If you live in a condo, we can still ask the Assembly for permission to use a portion of the roof, or we can consider the idea of a solar thermal plant condominium , which would have the advantage of greater efficiency in the face of a significant abatement cost . In this case, each apartment can continue to use their boiler, which would complement the solar system.

For the installation of this type of plant is not necessary to obtain special permits bureaucratic, except in the case where the system modifies the shape of the building, as in the case of inclined panels that are installed not in line with the roof or systems with accumulation tank placed on it.

The cost to install a solar thermal system range from 700 to 1000 Euro per square meter price falls when the surface to be covered is quite wide. To do this spending will be added costs associated with maintenance, which must be done every two years. The savings that you get is significant: it is estimated that you can save 70 % of water heating, arising in the event that we are currently equipped with an electric water heater, and 40% on the cost of heating the home. On average, then, a family of 4 can get to save about 370 € per year.