The gate is an accessory present in the gardens of our homes already for many years. Its functionality and practicality make it an indispensable element, because it allows us to avoid the routine related to the opening of the gate manually, uncomfortable especially in the event of adverse weather conditions characterized by rain, wind or snow. In some newly built homes this type of gate is considered as a standard presence, while in other older is necessary to replace the old gate with manual opening. In this guide we will see then the steps required to install an automatic gate, and we will analyze the costs and different types.

The gate does not differ from that manual in terms of aesthetics, with the exception of the electronic control unit installed to allow the opening of the doors. The commands are actuated via a remote control which sends a signal to open or close to that device and allows it to function correctly. The gates are divided into automatic swing gates and sliding gates, where in the first case, the two doors open inwards and close to put the rotation on a pin, while in the second case the mobile part slides on a grid, allowing in this way to save space.


In years gone by automatic gates were rather defective in their operation in the presence of heavy rain or snow, while those of the latest generation are characterized by their resistance to atmospheric agents. Moreover, they are equipped with a special device for adjusting the speed, which allows the movable part to avoid strong impacts and noises during the closure phase, and a system to intelligent sensors, which stops the movement of the leaves or the grid in the time in which a person is located to cross the gap. In the event of a power failure, all the gates also have a release device allowing their manual opening.

The average cost for a swing gate of medium size is around 1200-1500 euro including material and labor, but may increase if you prefer one type of hydraulic motor rather than electromechanical, while the time required for its installation is about two days.