Over the years the external doors of metal have gone increasingly more widespread in homes, especially for the fact that they offer a greater safety than conventional doors of wood. When you decide to replace the old door with a new door, you must also replace the fixtures, to avoid the formation of drafts. The most important concept to remember when performing this replacement, is to make sure that the port is in level with the walls, or otherwise may occur for air leaks, compromising its functionality. To install an exterior door metal .

Wrap the face of the wall with sealing tape. Start with the sides and then apply the tape to the top. Place the door in the opening, and with a level indicator , control the hinge side and the top of the door. Straighten the lower threshold if the gauge shows that the top of the door is not level. Use shims treated or compounds that are resistant to rot and leave between them about eight inches away.


Drill a pilot hole about two inches in diameter in the molding of the bricks, starting from the ends and make one every 30 cm. Tilt the holes so that the screws do not go in to hit against the studs, threatening to smash. Thoroughly clean the area and apply three or four drops of silicone caulk so as to waterproof the back of the molding, preventing air infiltration. Place the door in the opening, checking if the hinge side and the upper part are level. Make the necessary adjustments and use of coated galvanized nails to attach the molding to the bricks. If the door is level, you can finally nail the rest of the molding to the wall.

Using the drill, drill holes within the fixtures and the use of the nails from 8 cm to fix the inner part of the upright and galvanized nails by 16 cm for the external part of the fixtures. For the hinges, use screws long enough to cause them to penetrate well into the wood or cement. To permanently attach the door, weld it to the fixtures using a soldering iron to metals. Open and close the door to check for proper operation.