You have decided to change the type of internal doors to your apartment. At the moment they are in white lacquered wood, not too much to your liking. Being able to do it yourself, after taking into account the different types of doors, in the market, you have opted in the end for the installation of doors in mahogany with hinges disappeared. Did you then put to work, after having ordered and made ​​to measure, in a carpentry workshop, doors and frames new.

You need:

Easels, wooden board as a work surface, frame, door, hinges, meters for carpenter, marker, template for hinges into the wood, drill, screwdriver, a clamp.

At the moment you touch the assembly of the one and the other on the various openings of the premises. But before set about to work in this direction have already thought about it and decided to put the hinges on both the frames on the doors. Your choice has been the type shown in the picture below. For closed doors these hinges will be presented fully retractable. You have already purchased at a shop DIY hinges in the required amount, a meter for carpenters, two stands, a clamp, a template appropriate for wood (hereinafter then say what a template is and what it can serve).


Once home, you have prepared the room to serve as a workshop for work, placing first time the two stands the one facing the other, at a distance. They have placed on a long wooden board that you had at home, and at the time it was particularly useful to combine the two stands and to provide a support surface for the good work that you are about to do. On this axis wood have rested the first frame and the corresponding leaf. Now the installation of the hinges can be said to really start.

First, equipped with meters for carpenters, with a pen, you have marked on the frame and, starting from the end of the same, the exact point where to insert the “male” of the zipper. The same thing you did for the bottom edge. For the exact place where instead the “female” on the door, you will be a great help right from the template drilling. But what is this mark? The template can be defined as a mask, a form of model created for this purpose to reproduce the millimeter spacing that we require in working phase.