The home is the place where everyone is welcome and protection, essential requirements to be safe and in harmony with all that surrounds us. Our house is protected by doors, windows and screens, the latter must take shelter from bad weather and mosquitoes. For those who can use a little manual, try to engage in craft work to save and to highlight their skills. E ‘satisfying and enjoyable install mosquito nets economic and set to work for something that is improvised at the time of the need .

Keep the house always in efficiency, it means be careful and be smart to take action, so that everything you could possibly deteriorate or break down, is placed immediately. We will always try to do it by saving and sometimes we’re doing the work of restoration, despite our incompetence, we can achieve and have a good response from the finish and savings. Install the economic mosquito nets for those who will not be difficult. The mosquito net is a complement that as we know, ruin immediately as being abused by the wind, the rain and the sun going to dehydrate the thin retina and we must act immediately.


Let’s try to install mosquito nets and economic functional. the first step to be taken is to take the measurements of the four sides of the window, if you’re good start to saw 4 strips of wood, or, we do make the cut by a carpenter, then, each strip combine it with one another, to create a frame (that is square or rectangular). On this frame, support the retina of the mosquito net and begin to draw the entire perimeter, on one side of the wood I love lawyer a small hook, and then insert it into an already prepared on the wall, ( necessary protection for any wind ).

The importance of the mosquito net is manifold, the first thing that comes to mind is to protect against mosquitoes, flies, and more. The functionality is also keep the window open to air the room and there is this panel from the screen. The other way of realization: it is to buy the roller curtain, wrap ( it is for length or width), the retina of the mosquito net, being spring, you hook it to another hook provided within a chosen side of the window and pull it so that put a stop. These are simple systems for the realization of the project, also very cheap and with a little ‘more attention we can get a product efficiently and effectively. Good job