The hot tub is a luxury that many people decide to treat yourself, to relax in the water after a long day at work . In addition, this type of item, once reserved for the few lucky ones, it is now accessible to a large portion of the population , thanks to compact dimensions and prices are not too high. In this guide, so we’ll see how to install a hot tub in our home without spending a fortune, and we will see the steps to take to ensure that its installation is successful and is not slowed down by problems.

The difference between a hot tub and a normal bathtub lies in the presence, in the first, an electric pump that produces a mixture of air and water directed to areas of the body through vents. If we want to install the hot tub replacing the traditional one, priority should check that the water connections are appropriate for the new type of tank , as they may not be compatible with it. Furthermore it will be good also check the quality of the water pressure, to avoid an excessive prolongation of the time of filling of the tub.


The electrical part turns out to be of fundamental importance for the installation of the hot tub, as the engine that powers it must be connected to an outlet with a ground equipped with the associated cables , as well as a safety switch. To avoid any inconvenience it would be good to contact a qualified electrician who can also assess whether the plant will be able to handle the load on the engine of the tank. Is not excluded then the possibility of having to make the building works, such as the demolition of a part of the lining of the wall or floor , due to the adjustment of the electrical installation. The tub can be installed with interlocking mechanism or free, according to which there will rely directly on the floor but on a metal base.

The price of a hot tub is extremely variable, given the amount of more or less complex models available on the market A small one-seater bathtub will have an average price of about 600 euro, but we can easily get to 1,500 euro for a more structured and equipped with accessories, while a tub of luxury prices are around € 6000.